Have Theo And Brom unlocked the secret to the best tableya in the world?

Have Theo And Brom unlocked the secret to the best tableya in the world?Have Theo And Brom unlocked the secret to the best tableya in the world?

Theo and Brom's promise is "EAT ME, DRINK ME, I'LL MAKE YOU HAPPY" - but can it hold up its end of the bargain?

The world of tableya is a competitive one, but is there a new contender for the best chocolate in the market? The brainchild of Filipino-American Myey Moens and her husband, Matthias, have made what they call the world’s first Belgian Tableya. Theo and Brom combines the best of Belgian chocolate making practices using the best cacao from the Philippines.

Theo And Brom first Belgian Tableya made by a Filipina

theo and brom

Image | Instagram screengrab (@theoandbrom )

Some of the best chocolate in the world comes from the Philippines. It’s no surprise we turn the cacao beans into tsokolate. Delicious whether eaten on its own or melted into hot chocolate, it’s a sweet treat that can be enjoyed all year round. The feeling of eating Theo And Brom can be described in 9 simple words – “EAT ME, DRINK ME, I’LL MAKE YOU HAPPY”.

What makes Theo And Brom different from normal tableya is the Belgian chocolate-making process. The Theobroma Cacao, from where the brand derives its name from, is processed into a high-quality tableya rounds. The taste is described as fruity, nutty and with caramel notes. She shares “What was once just an idea in my head, I now hold between my hands.”

theo and brom

Image | Instagram screengrab (@theoandbrom )

Theo And Brom is a creation inspired by the marriage between two cultures, much like her own personal story. Settling down in Belgium to be with her husband, she realised by chance that few Belgians had heard of the amazing tablea, Matthias included. Which is surprising given they live in a land full of internationally renowned chocolate artisans.

Moens contacted several chocolatiers to help Theo And Brom. Followed by several rejections, the couple found a chocolate maker who believed in their product as much as they did. After a successful Kickstarter campaign,  Theo And Brom got off the ground and has sold hundreds of tableas worldwide.

And you can try the newest delicacy. Theo And Brom are being shipped to the USA, Canada, EU, and Philippines.

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Written by

Vinnie Wong