13 Small Yet Essential Kitchen Tools We Can't Live Without

13 Small Yet Essential Kitchen Tools We Can't Live Without13 Small Yet Essential Kitchen Tools We Can't Live Without

You may overlook them on a daily basis, but these are some of the small kitchen utensils that make our life so much easier

Every kitchen would not be complete if there were no utensils. Kitchen utensils are hand-held tools in your kitchen that play an important role in aiding the cooking process. From food prep to cooking to serving and eating, utensils are used every step of the way. Just imagine a life without utensils! We would be stirring a pot of hot soup with our bare hands. Forget slicing through meat and bones, it would be impossible.

Therefore kitchen utensils are essential in our daily lives. Even small kitchen utensils can make a huge difference. In fact, here are 13 small kitchen utensils that you may have overlooked, even when you use them every day.

Small kitchen utensils that are a big help

1. Peeler

small kitchen utensils

Unless you have crazy knife skills, a Y peeler is a must have in your kitchen. Peel fruits, shredding root veggies thinly, chocolate shavings, you name it. Let's face it, we definitely cannot live without this one.

2. Wine opener

small kitchen utensils

If you have ever tried opening a bottle of wine without a wine opener than you will know what I mean. It is worse if you misplace it when you need it the most. It feels like you've lost an arm or a leg. Trust us, even you don't drink regularly, having one comes in handy. In fact, you can always use the bottle opener for soy sauce in glass bottle packaging.

3. Mesh tea ball

small kitchen utensils

Using a mesh tea ball to steep your tea is genius because you can reuse them over and over again. Not only are they zero waste, but you also won't need to concern yourself with those cancer-causing tea bags anymore.

4. Garlic press

small kitchen utensils

The garlic press is such an underutilised tool and the best part is that you don't even need to peel anything. But we think it lacks popularity in Asian families because we tend to bash them flat with the chopper to remove the skin. And when we bash them a little too hard, then voila, we get mashed minced garlic.

5. Wooden/bamboo spatula

small kitchen utensils

Again a more ang moh tool is the wooden spatula. Although people tend to gravitate more towards bamboo ones for their antimicrobial properties. Sustainable, eco-friendly, non-plastic, non-toxic and can withstand heat, we can see why they are a popular choice. Another worthy point to note is that they won't scratch your non-stick pans.

6. Mini whisk

small kitchen utensils

Why would you need a mini one when you can have more bang for your buck if you purchased a full-sized whisk? Simple. Sometimes you only need a small whisk to combine small quantities in small bowls. It is not as though you need to whip up huge amounts of egg whites on a daily basis. You can even use it to whisk up some froth for your cappuccino if don't own a coffee machine.

7. Kitchen shears

small kitchen utensils

A very good pair of kitchen shears is a must have in the kitchen, especially those that can easily cut through bone and joints. But even regular kitchen scissors are essential small kitchen utensils in most Asian kitchens. You'd be surprised at how much we use them! They are great for gutting fish, for snipping a sprinkling of chives or spring onions. We even use them to cut cooked meat into bite-sized pieces when having Korean barbeques.

8. Grater

small kitchen utensils

Having a grater is amazing! Think of all the possibilities. Fresh spices, fresh garlic, fresh ginger. Just grate them straight into your cooking!

8. Cooking chopsticks

small kitchen utensils

More commonly used in Chinese households, these cooking chopsticks are longer and are really great for deep frying things. Almost like Asian tongs so to speak!

9. Tongs

small kitchen utensils

Tongs are commonly used when it comes to barbeques and grills, but did you know they are also great for fishing out pasta, for tossing salads and for picking up food when you shallow fry? Some even come with silicone covered tips if you want to use them with your non-stick cookware.

10. Meat thermometer

small kitchen utensils

This is a great tool to have at home even if it may not be a common thing for most Asian families. But let's say you have a big cookout at the barbeque pit with ayam bakar(bbq whole chicken) or even chunky lamb or beef meat. It would be easier to know for sure when the meat is cooked through if you have one on hand, instead of guessing it wrong and having to throw it back on the grill again.

11. Lemon/lime squeezer

small kitchen utensils

Juicing a lemon or lime could not be easier when you have a hand squeezer at home. Not only do they help to extract the maximum amount of juice in a short amount of time, you will also be using less elbow grease with one of these gadgets.

12. Mandolin Slicer

small kitchen utensils

Think homemade potato and tapioca chips. Or even arrowhead chips for Chinese New Year. There's no other way to cut them so thinly with the same thickness and uniformity than with a mandolin slicer.

13. Fine sieve

small kitchen utensils

No Asian kitchen is complete without some form of a sieve on hand. They are great for draining noodles, fishing out deep-fried food and if the mesh is really fine, you can even scoop and remove gunk from boiling bones.

You think you can live without any of them? Think again. Despite their small stature, these small kitchen utensils actually do great things! What are some of your favourite most used small kitchen utensils? Share with us in the comment box below!


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Written by

Rosanna Chio