Small things, big ideas: Create a life that constantly inspires

Small things, big ideas: Create a life that constantly inspiresSmall things, big ideas: Create a life that constantly inspires

When upgrading your kitchen and home mastery, it’s all about appreciation one small step at a time while focusing on the bigger picture

I’m personally a fan of the dramatic process. From the Fab Five revamping a dreary basement suite and turning it into a chic bachelor pad to elaborate, quirky concoctions by Michelin-starred restaurants. But there is much to be said about the little things: the simple home upgrades and little changes that can truly make a big impact.

After all, the small things in our home help define how we live our lives within our space. Even though we don’t always think about it, it’s the little things that can make a big difference—from the ingredients we put in our food to the simple home accents you source or projects make yourself.

For our November special, we want you to take a closer look at the little details, the small steps you should take—and relish—on the journey to home and kitchen mastery. We want to inspire you to appreciate the little things.

Simple home upgrades that lead to great results

When you hear the word ‘upgrade,’ you probably think this means complex projects, like knocking a whole wall down to extend a room. But upgrades can also mean tiny, seemingly inconsequential, elements that define the way you make things inside your home. This applies to ingredients in food, new ways of doing things that make the process all the more clever and the results all the more greater.
Take, for instance, making your bed in the morning. According to Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project,  this 3-minute task can greatly impact your wellbeing.
small home upgrades

Simple home upgrades are the little habits you maintain to beautify your home, like frequently adding fresh flowers to various corners. | image: unsplash

Yes, there are no easy ways to overcome certain “happiness challenges,” like the many stresses of life. But Rubin shares how the simple act of “picking one little task to improve your situation, and doing it regularly, can help you regain a sense of self-mastery.”
Small changes, like adding a comfortable pillow to your bed or changing your reading lamp, can also improve your nightly routine and as we know, getting opportunities to wind down after a long day is one of the greatest ways to manage stress.

Clever and resourceful simple home upgrades are what excite the senses and keep inspiring you.

Adding a simple, vibrant cushion to your sofa can liven up a room. Wall accents, like adhesive wallpaper, can change the look of a room greatly. Choosing a stylish workspace made for small space living or even decorating with tiny plants can do wonders for soothing your mindset.
And it’s not just the visual aspects of your space that benefit from small home upgrades, other senses play a role, too. For instance, filling your space with the fragrance of essential oils and playing soothing ambient sounds can improve your mood and make your home a more inviting place for your guests.

Simple home upgrades in the kitchen that can inspire you

small home upgrades

Even adding small herbs to your kitchen area can liven up and inspire you to create! | image: Rene Asmussen for pexels

The kitchen is where you make meals for yourself and for the ones you love. In many ways, it is the heart of your home. So it plays a vital role in your daily life and interactions.

So simple home upgrades in the kitchen can help you design the life you want.

There is something comforting about having a well-stocked pantry just as much as knowing what the best ingredient substitutions can boost your kitchen confidence.

And there’s nothing like having tools in the kitchen that serve multiple purpose because you know you are getting the most bang for your buck. Simple culinary touches like Asian spices can deepen the flavours of a dish.

Keeping your workspace clean, in the kitchen and on your desk, can inspire both creativity and productivity. Even peppering your home with small plants and herbs can make it a more inviting space.

Creating do-it-yourself projects, like repurposing old stools or creating your own lush vertical garden can empower and inspire you to keep making things that can add utility to each corner of your home.

When it comes to simple home upgrades and every little thing you do in the kitchen and even the simplest of do-it-yourself projects, what matters is making the most of the little things, to make it great and make it yours.

This month, it’s all about the small things and big ideas.


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Written by

Bianchi Mendoza