5 tips to consider when shopping for a new couch

5 tips to consider when shopping for a new couch5 tips to consider when shopping for a new couch

Choosing a couch is not just considering how comfortable it feels!

What living room is complete without a well-appointed couch? It’s an important piece of furniture that can make or break the decor of an entire room. But do you go for style over substance? Or settle for comfort no matter how hideous the sofa looks like? Consider these tips on how to choose a couch before you commit to one of the biggest investments in your home.

5 tips on how to choose a couch

1. Try before you buy

how to choose a couch

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As obvious as it sounds, you need to be comfortable with the sofa before it makes its way into your living room.

Even if you’re not comfortable with testing it out, it’ll pay off if you spend a bit of time trying out the couch. Also, speak with the sales representative for more advice on how to choose a couch. They’ll know their product range well and can tell you more about the specs.

But definitely sit on it and get a gauge of how it feels. Function is key for this piece of furniture.

2. Think of how it will be used

how to choose a couch

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Are you going to hosting a lot of parties? Or will you have epic Netflix binging sessions here?

When you decide what activities take place in the living room, you can start thinking about things like the seat depth, the arm shape and even the sofa style when considering how to choose a couch.

If it’s going to be a place you want to relax on frequently, then you can go for a couch that lets you sink deep into it and is even long enough for napping. The filling can be really soft for complete comfort. Or you can opt for a more foam-like filling for a firmer feel.

If you have a lot of friends over, don’t forget about the height as well. Taller people will appreciate it if the couch isn’t too low so their legs are sprawled like spaghetti!

3. Choose vibrant patterns if you have pets

how to choose a couch

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If there are furbabies at home, then you’ll need to accept that your couch will wear out quicker. So when it comes to deciding on how to choose a couch with this factor in mind, choosing a couch with a patterned cover can help to camouflage hair and other things pets leave behind.

If you’re not as brave to bold colours, then you can go for a neutral palette as it blends in with most colour schemes and also helps to make the living room seem bigger!

4. Consider how much space your living room has

how to choose a couch

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Measuring the couch properly is really important when you think about how to choose a couch. No matter how beautiful or comfy it is, it’s going to be in vain if you didn’t check the dimensions properly and it doesn’t fit in your living room!

With a measuring tape, check:

  • The width (from one arm to the other)
  • The height (measure the back from the highest point to the floor)
  • The depth (from the outside edge of the seat to the end of the back)
  • The diagonal depth (from the top end on the couch’s back to the bottom front end)

Also make sure to measure the doorways and stairways or elevator doors. If you’re getting it delivered, you’ve got to make sure it can be carried through these narrow chokepoints.

5. Make sure the frame is solid

how to choose a couch

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The quality of couches today means you will likely be changing it after 5 to 10 years. So if there’s one feature of the couch that you want to get dead right, then you should make sure the frame is quality.

Having a frame made of hardwood should give you peace of mind. Beware of plywood or particleboard frames, as they’re held with staples and more prone to quicker wear and tear so the joinery is less secure.

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Written by

Vinnie Wong