Are You Cleaning Your House Often Enough?

Are You Cleaning Your House Often Enough?Are You Cleaning Your House Often Enough?

Lose track of how often you should tidy up your fridge? See how often you should clean up your house daily, weekly, and monthly.

Adulting is hard enough – keeping your house in order is sufficient evidence for that. Maybe you’re constantly playing catchup and drowning in piles of laundry. Or you might feel you’ve got a good handle on your house’s upkeep. But even if you think your house is clean enough, do you really know how often should you clean your house?

Keeping a tidy house can be stressful. While there are cleaning tasks you can do daily, it’s easy to let the timing of other less regular chores slide unnoticed. We’ve broken down how often should you clean your house by various timings to help you keep track of the clutter.

Do you know how often should you clean your house?


how often should you clean your house

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Kitchen & Bathroom surfaces – These surfaces will be in use a lot and come in contact will all sorts of bacteria. Use an antibacterial solution to clean these surfaces every day. A quick wipe will do the job, and the more frequently you do it, the less effort it will take.

Once a week

how often should you clean your house

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Bath towels – Towels naturally get damp since they absorb moisture. After using it, make sure it’s aired out. Throw them in the wash after a week.

Pillowcases & sheets – We spend a third of our lives asleep. Our beds naturally accumulate a lot of bacteria from sweat and dust. Change or wash your pillowcases and bedsheets once a week to prevent falling sick while falling asleep!

Purses and wallets – Unsurprisingly, purses and wallets collect germs from your hands, surfaces, and damp areas they’re kept in (hello, pockets!) Wipe them with antibacterial wet wipes once a week to keep your hands clean whenever you pay!

Cleaning a fridge – your fridge houses food. So keeping tabs on expiry dates and if food is still fresh is important. Wipe down food spills with vinegar and water to get it squeaky clean without leaving harsh chemicals inside.

how often should you clean your house

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Computers/electronics – Your hands are constantly touching the phone and computer peripherals. No matter how many times you wash your hands, they’ll constantly be dirty. Use disinfectant wipes to clean your electric goods.

Sponges – Your sponge is 200x dirtier than your toilet seat! All the germs from food residue and from constantly being damp mean they are perfect environments for bacteria to thrive. The easiest thing to do is replace your sponge once a week to keep your sink area clean.

Once a month

how often should you clean your house

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Jeans – while denim is a versatile material, they need to be kept at their best. After wearing for four to five times, turn your jeans inside out and put them through the washing machine.

Cleaning appliances – it might not have crossed your mind, but the machines that keep your house clean also need to be kept in tip-top condition! Wipe down these appliances once a month, and change any filters that need emptying.

Shower curtain – your bathroom will naturally be a place where bacteria grow because of the damp environment. Your shower curtains will especially be susceptible since germs will gather. Bring down the curtains and wipe them down. Consider changing them completely after six months.

Three-six months

how often should you clean your house

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Pillows – dust mites and other creepy crawlies can make their home in the actual pillow. Put your pillows in the washing machine and give it a full clean to get rid of all of the dormant bacteria that are building up inside the feathers.

Mattress – when considering how often you should clean your house, people often wrongly gauge when to give the mattress a good dusting. Thankfully, it’s simpler than it sounds. Every six months, remove the sheets and vacuum the surface. Any stains or blemishes can be wiped away with a damp cloth.

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Vinnie Wong