Delicious recipes to whip up with the kinds of beef cuts you have in your freezer

Delicious recipes to whip up with the kinds of beef cuts you have in your freezerDelicious recipes to whip up with the kinds of beef cuts you have in your freezer

Have you ever randomly bought beef cuts to cook only to end up with tough, rubbery meat? That’s because whether you want to grill, sear, or broil beef, you still need to know the right beef cuts to use. And because we believe home cooking should be fun instead of stressful, we’re partnering with Sharefood to show you how to distinguish your beef cuts along with some of their delicious recipes.

The right beef cuts to use for the right occasion

1. Fusion Korean Beef Galbi Nachos

When you’re doing a quick sear or pan fry, what you need are minute steaks. This meat is sometimes taken from the rear leg of the animal, or the round portion, as well as from the sirloin area. These beef cuts are quick cooking cuts that are sold thinly sliced which makes it perfect for pan and griddle frying. Use it in this Sharefood beef recipe and you’ll have tender beef strips with your meal.

2. Beef Stew with Vegetables

When it comes to making stew you don’t need to buy expensive cuts. What you need are tough, lean cuts that don’t have as much fat, but lots of connective tissue. You might think then how will this meat ever be tender? The answer is over a slow period of cooking until the meat becomes fork tender yet still holding its shape. The meat would have also absorbed all the flavour from the veggies in Sharefood’s recipe.

These are large beef cuts of meat that could be taken from the front or shoulder or the rear end. Otherwise, chuck meat, roast meat and pot roast are also great options.

3. Beef Rendang

You can make rendang using stewing meats like topsides if you want to lower the cost, but sirloin cuts will result in a more tender rendang. Think sinking your teeth into tender meat covered with Sharefood’s rendang sauce.

The top of the sirloin it is lean but flavourful and it is a great introduction to more expensive steak cuts. When cooking rendang be careful not to cut them too small or you might risk having the meat fall apart during the cooking process.

4. Mrs Incredible Elastigirl Burger

The chuck portion of the cow is normally used to make ground beef. But because it is mostly lean filled with connective tissues and collagen, you need to add in fat. So you want at least a 70/30 meat to fat ratio for a juicy burger or you can also switch out chuck if your butcher can recommend other cuts. I mean, why not since you’re going to make this show stopping burger

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